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Day 29: SOLSC Slice of Life Story Challenge

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What’s Your Color?

“Color” keeps revealing itself as a topic I should study today. I’m not sure why, but I thought since the “colors” were showing up again and again (shout out to Kylene Beers and Bob Probst! LOL), it would be interesting to research some “color” ideas. Here are a few of my findings:

My friend’s band, Gandhi, is releasing a great song this coming week called “Color Yourself.” I first heard it live when I was visiting Brooklyn a couple of years back now, during one of the Teachers College Reading and Writing Project summer institutes. “Color yourself in green again…” the words of the song remind me to show off my personality, convictions, and lifestyle using color.

"Color Yourself" by Gandhi

“Color Yourself” by Gandhi

Listen to the song here.

I was on Facebook earlier, and engaged myself in (yet another) silly quiz, “What’s Your True Color?” The first time I took the quiz, my color was pink. I would never choose pink as my favorite color, but the quiz is about personality, and not visual favorites. What PINK says about me: I cannot remember all the descriptive words, but I know it showed something about being relaxed and taking naps. I love naps! I wish I would have taken a nap today. My instinct as a researcher told me to take the quiz again. With the same answers to the same nine questions, I got the color PURPLE, which said, “you’re always up for the next adventure…you are the first one to purchase a new gizmo (NOT!) or try a new restaurant (YES!).” I took the quiz one more time (you know, to use the “power of three”) and I was nabbed as “purple” again.

All of this assessment wore me out. Ha! Maybe I do need a nap!

My favorite color is blue. According to a personality test I did many years ago, the color blue alludes to peace, serenity, and casual presence. I read about this when studying design, too, so it must be accurate. I guess I was looking for relaxation in my life back then, and I do still love blue jeans, my navy blue sweatshirt, and blue and gold were the colors of my high school teams.

It was interesting studying colors today. Maybe I’m tired of the white and grey of the snow and winter. Maybe as the snow melts, I am hoping to see green again. Maybe I’m a rainbow!

What is your color?



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One thought on “Day 29: SOLSC Slice of Life Story Challenge

  1. Oh, I love considering color!! Yellow is my favorite, a new favorite following closely behind yellow is orange. Those colors make me happy, bring me joy & warmth. Great idea for a post. Thanks!!

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