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Slice of Life Tuesday: Starting a New Club for Those Slicers NOT going to NCTE!


I’m starting a new club — who wants to join?

Requirement for my club: You will NOT be attending the FABULOUS NCTE conference at the Gaylord Resort at National Harbor this week! (#NCTE14)

Just kidding.

I WAS going, but…you know, life. And money. And work. Well, I will definitely be logged in on Twitter and Facebook to see all the wonderful learning posts and all the reunion comments by those in attendance.  I will be working, going to the orthodontist with my daughter, grading reading and writing notebooks, and attending a parent conference. Later this weekend, I will complain of the cold, make some crock pot dinner, and watch movies with a cup of hot tea. Then, I will try to get some Christmas shopping done, pay the bills, and read more books. Finally, I will let the dog out, write some essays, and get some sleep… and dream of “next time” –when I will be able to attend the conference and meet all of my Slicer friends in person!

Have a great week everybody!


Author: Jennifer Sniadecki

I write about literacy education and my love for reading and writing. My passion is sharing titles I use for school libraries, classroom collaborations, and professional development. My goal is to collaborate, research, and share with other life-long literacy learners. Welcome to my blog!

9 thoughts on “Slice of Life Tuesday: Starting a New Club for Those Slicers NOT going to NCTE!

  1. That was my song last year, but I must admit it’s fun to read the posts the week after from all the attendees. I’m going this year for my first time ever! I love your background and was planning on asking if it was a photo you had taken…then I scanned some of your recent posts and discovered it is. That blue sky is breathtaking!

  2. I hate that feeling! That is the beauty of the internet! You will be virtually there!

  3. Sorry you can’t make it this year! I remembering following the tweets last year from home. I’ll tweet extra well for you. 🙂 We’ll miss you on Saturday!

  4. I’m in your “so sad I can’t go” club too. I have faith that all those attending will share the experience.

  5. I’m with you! As a paraprofessional, I can’t justify the expense any longer but I loved to go when I was a classroom teacher, and I know what I’m missing. I will have to live vicariously through my colleagues when they return.

  6. Next year for all of us?? Beautiful picture in the background!

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