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Slice of Life Tuesdays: Poem for the SOLSC in March!


Gearing up for Writing

We are just a few days away; I wonder what I’m going to say?

So excited to share again, making friends, wondering when

I’ll get my posts done.

I’m so busy each day, but it takes just a moment to say

a slice of my life.

Sharing is the best; I love to read the rest!

Tell me about you, too!

See you all on March 1st! Have a great SOLSC month!


Author: Jennifer Sniadecki

I write about literacy education and my love for reading and writing. My passion is sharing titles I use for school libraries, classroom collaborations, and professional development. My goal is to collaborate, research, and share with other life-long literacy learners. Welcome to my blog!

2 thoughts on “Slice of Life Tuesdays: Poem for the SOLSC in March!

  1. I am more excited to slice because of your enthusiasm! I’m slicing for the fourth year, and while it gets a bit stressful, it’s really fun to write every day!

  2. I’m looking forward to getting back into the groove of writing every day. Your poem made me smile because it’s all about the same things I am thinking about.

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