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Slice of Life Story Challenge 2015: Day 1


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“It’s Today! It’s Today!” I can just hear Stuart Little screaming those words as I start my second Slice of Life Story Challenge (SOLSC) today, March 1st, 2015.

Here are some facts about me: I teach 6th grade, I have 3 girls and a granddaughter (even though I’m not old enough to be a grandma — LOL), and I love to write, although I haven’t shared much of my writing publicly yet. This group of “Slicers” is my favorite group in the world, and I am looking forward to this month of March — which seems to be coming “in like a lion” right now. Oh, by the way…

I’m sick of winter! (I’ll probably post about that a lot!)

Two other points about me for my fellow Slicers: 1) I write later at night, so I’m sorry, but you’ll have to stay up past 9:00 pm to read my work (LOL), and 2) our school’s standardized testing schedule starts Tuesday, so I’ll be stressed out most of the time. Hopefully the writing will help me wind down and have some fun!

Happy Slicing, Everyone! And THANK YOU to the ladies at Two Writing Teachers for hosting this awesome challenge!



Author: Jennifer Sniadecki

I write about literacy education and my love for reading and writing. My passion is sharing titles I use for school libraries, classroom collaborations, and professional development. My goal is to collaborate, research, and share with other life-long literacy learners. Welcome to my blog!

2 thoughts on “Slice of Life Story Challenge 2015: Day 1

  1. So glad you are part of March Writing! Our state’s ELL testing happens in March which means i am testing most of the month! Perhaps we can find a solution to the testing phenomena together!

  2. I am in California where we have had a very mild winter and I am sick of winter FOR you all. As I see the pictures on the news every night my heart goes out to everyone who is getting blasted with so much winter this year. I hope the SOL Challenge gives you a tiny escape from the stress of your testing.

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