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Standardized Testing

This was our second day of standardized testing at my school. Our ISTEP is a pain, a problem, a political issue for the history books. Literally.  The test covers our new Indiana State Standards, since we dropped Common Core. No need for the PARCC, we have our own ISTEP, which is supposedly more rigorous and wonderful. That is, until we found out that it was going to take 6th graders around 10 hours to take (total time).

After our governor heard about the length of the test, he signed an executive order, shortening the test. So this week we are taking about 1/2 of the Applied Skills part of the test. Less time, less stress? Not really. Still a big deal.

The students were awesome today! They took their time, working diligently. I was proud of them. I hope their scores show great things come June! We will see!