Slice of Life Small LogoThank you all for playing “Two Truths and a Lie” yesterday during Slice of Life Tuesday. You Fellow Slicers are so much fun!

Many of you guessed correctly! Tara, Elsie, Julieanne, and Dana (Yes! You are right!) all said #3 was the lie. I thought that WAITING would win the Caldecott Medal. It did land in the Honors group, and I was very happy to find that FINDING WINNIE won. What a great time we had, trying to guess the winners.

Did you have fun guessing? I would like to especially thank Linda for guessing that #2 was the lie, but alas! I failed — big time! — during teaching this week. Some weeks are just like that, but I’m having a hard time recovering, for sure. #1 was the distractor (I figured). Now that I’m a grandmother, I suppose I could look older, but “No Way!” I’m much too young. He He ha ha…

Have a great weekend. Happy end-of-the-semester to you!