Slice of Life Small LogoWelcome to 2nd Semester!

My goal today is to assess the work ethic — learning minutes on task — of the students in class, and to find ways for students to become more independent in their educational endeavors. It is important that students learn to survive in the wild of the outside world, and it is my  job to allow them to try, to fail, to grow.

We are now writing Slice of Life stories, poems, and lists to get ready for the March Slice of Life Challenge. Each Tuesday, we focus on what we are thinking, remembering times of our lives, and making lists of items we want others to know.

It is a struggle to watch students fail. It is a struggle to lead students down paths they have not tried before. But I know that it will be a pleasure to see these students succeed this semester, doing more than they ever thought possible!

Steps to Growth and Success:

  1. Read and write. Every day.
  2. Focus on the learning.
  3. Celebrate success.