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Slice of Life Tuesday: Relax, But Keep the Momentum


Slice of Life Small LogoThis week is vacation week! The Fourth of July was relaxing and unexpectedly tranquil. Not in the sense that I was bored, but that there wasn’t a schedule of activities. We all just “went with the flow.” It was mellow. Ahh!

My brother-in-law and family rented a house in St. Joe, Michigan and invited us to visit. We got to chill out in a nice, big lake house (yes, I want one, too), walk down the sidewalk to the lighthouse/pier and test the waters with our toes (cold!). My granddaughter said, “There’s not big waves in Lake Michigan, Grandma.” Little did she know that days before, there were 8 foot waves! Family members played cards, ate, and talked all day and night. StJoeMIConcertlightonwater070416

As a trade for giving up our bean bag game for a while, we got to tour a Coast Guard boat. The two officers were thankful for the use of the game during their down time, so they allowed us to board the deck, cabin, holding room, and showed us the mechanicals, rescue equipment, and even let my granddaughter sit in one of the rescue seats down under the main cabin. How nice of them! CoastGuardBoatDeck070416

The fireworks show began late — past my bedtime! It was worth it! The bright colors in the black sky were impressive, and we saw it all right from the sidewalk of the house! Of course, the finale was awesome!


Happy Fourth of July! I hope you get to spend some summer days like mine. Boring? No. Relaxing, and restful.



Author: Jennifer Sniadecki

I write about literacy education and my love for reading and writing. My passion is sharing titles I use for school libraries, classroom collaborations, and professional development. My goal is to collaborate, research, and share with other life-long literacy learners. Welcome to my blog!

4 thoughts on “Slice of Life Tuesday: Relax, But Keep the Momentum

  1. Sounds like a perfect holiday.

  2. Now that’s what summer should be, relaxing and restful! Wow to those fireworks!

  3. I love that kind of day, no schedule to follow, just relaxing and restful. Fireworks in the NW are always past my bedtime, so long to wait for complete darkness to descend. Thanks for sharing the finale.

  4. It’s vacation week for me too! I could relate to much of your post. Enjoy the rest of your week.

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