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IMWAYR: Books for All Ages

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It’s been a wonderful year for reading so far! In the first five months, I have read new favorite titles, re-read former favorites, and have been lucky enough to read upcoming titles that I’m sure to add to my favorites list. This week for “It’s Monday! What are you Reading?” I’ve sampled books for all age groups.

Children/Young Readers

Did you know Dav Pilkey created more characters? (I didn’t.) My favorite bookseller, Kathy at The Brain Lair Bookstore, showed me this one, and I immediately gave to my granddaughter. Big Dog and Little Dog have fun, make mistakes, and get into some trouble in this story collection that you’re sure to love as much as Captain Underpants and Dog Man. Thanks, Dav, for continuing to write for my family and students.

Middle Grade

My favorite dog character is back! Fenway and Hattie In the Wild sparks your interest with the bright red cover, and keeps you entertained with another crazy adventure. Victoria Coe, you’ve done it again. (I can’t really say much about this one without spoilers, and if you haven’t read the other Fenway and Hattie books, go get them soon.)

Lynda Mullaly Hunt writes such terrific novels for pre-teens. One for the Murphys and Fish in a Tree are still two of my favorite books of all time, and now Shouting at the Rain is out. I love the quote, “…a man is not made my his mistakes. He’s made by what he does about them.” This is about family, and life, and love, and growing up, and so many other things. Just. Read. It.


Teen/Young Adult

I’m just calling these “The Blink Books” as a group of amazing novels that Blink YA Books is publishing this year. I still need to finish, but you’ll be hearing much more about these titles on this blog soon. I have some new favorite authors here with Alison Gervais, Annie Sullivan, Lauren Mansy, and Kimberly Gabriel. I plan to get to know them more in years to come.

Look for these titles this fall: The Silence Between Us (August), Tiger Queen (September), The Memory Thief (October), and Every Stolen Breath (November).

It’s Monday! What are YOU reading?





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