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Book Review: Heartless Heirs by MarcyKate Connolly

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Publishes Tomorrow! The long-awaited sequel to Twin Daggers, HEARTLESS HEIRS will finally be available.

My review: Heartless Heirs is the second book of the duology, Twin Daggers by MarcyKate Connolly. The adventure, and the struggle, continues for the Magi and the Technocrats in the ancient-like city of Palinor. Magi leaders have been sacrified, and a dangerous traitor has emerged. Heartless Heirs picks up an hour after Twin Daggers, with heroines Aissa and Zandria, the Magi super-twins with special powers, running away with their childhood friend and Aissa’s new love, the Technocrat prince, Aro. Ahead of them is adventure, romance…and more danger than they can possibly imagine.

Aissa narrates with suspense and intrigue, as she and Zandria escape the city with childhood friend, Remy, in search of safety and answers to lingering questions about what exactly happened hundreds of years ago that split the Magi and the Technocrats into factions in the first place. Zandria is not happy with her sister, who is now a traitor for falling in love with (and binding her heart to) Aro, the Technocrat prince. Meanwhile, the Magi are hiding, the twins must find the hidden Magi library, and the Techno soldiers are hot on their trail, ready to eliminate them once and for all. The Alchemical Alliance, a group desperately trying to find a way to bring the Magi and the Techocrats together, is also in danger of falling apart with traitor, Darian, on the loose. Even the king and queen are heartless, dealing with their run-away son and their unsuspecting citizens. Hidden secrets, spells, and spies make this tale twist and turn. This book is a spell-binding (“spell” and “binding” are key words here) adventure in 350 pages.

Heartless Heirs is a story full of compelling characters and gripping events that will keep the reader guessing until the very end – Can the Magi and Technocrats all learn to live peacefully in Palinor? (Probably not.) Will Aissa and Zandria live to save the day…again? Readers will want to keep reading to find out.

A grateful thank you to Blink YA Books, HarperCollins, and Net Galley for the early read. And don’t forget your educator’s guide!


Author: Jennifer Sniadecki

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