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The Great Caper Caper (Lady Pancake & Sir French Toast #5) by Josh Funk — Cover Reveal!

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Cover Reveal of Lady Pancake & Sir French Toast #5: The Great Caper Caper by Josh Funk & illustrated by Brendan Kearney

My family has followed the Lady Pancake and Sir French Toast series since the beginning (2015). My granddaughter and I were #TeamLadyPancake and my husband and daughters were #Team SirFrenchToast. Once, we had an incident with running out of maple syrup, but Josh Funk took that scenario to a whole new level in his first installment of the series. Now, all these years later, we still look to these characters to brighten our mornings!

Here’s a description of the newest book: Lady Pancake and Sir French Toast are back in a Las Veggies heist for the ages! Pancake and Toast awake one morning to near-darkness. Who could possibly have stolen the fridge light? And what if the fridge is—gasp—dark all the time? Not to worry; Lady Pancake and Sir French Toast are on the case! Along with their friends, they assemble blueprints, collect supplies, and investigate. Will they bring the fridge back to its bright self, or will they have to live in semi-darkness . . . forever?

Josh: Hi, Jennifer. Thanks for having me over to chat!

Jennifer: We are excited to see what’s next in the series! When did you realize that Lady Pancake and Sir French Toast had more adventures coming?

Josh: As soon as I saw Brendan Kearney’s sketches for the very first book I knew I wanted to write more stories in this amazing world he’d created. I mean, all I gave him were the names “Lady Pancake” and “Sir French Toast” – he came up with all of the details from the strawberry hat and the whipped cream hair to the wafer crown and the chocolate mustache! I knew I had to explore more inside the fridge world!

Jennifer: I love the play on words/vocabulary with multiple meanings. How long did the book take to write?

Josh: Thanks! According to Google Docs, it took about two weeks to write the first draft – and then another three months to revise – and that’s before I even sent it off to my editor. We then continued to edit for another four months before sending it off to Brendan to begin illustrating. To be honest, in publishing, that’s actually pretty quick.

Jennifer: Well, it’s certainly a long time for us readers! Will we be seeing our favorite characters again in The Great Caper Caper? Are there new characters for us to meet?

Josh: Yes, and yes! In many ways, this book is a reunion of sorts for characters who’ve shown up throughout the series. As you probably know from any heist book or movie, you need a whole team to pull a caper – and Lady Pancake & Sir French Toast recruit not only Baron von Waffle, but characters major and minor from all four of the previous books (Of course, you don’t have to have read any of the previous books to enjoy this one).

And the new character, Count Caper, is as despicable as capers get (I don’t like capers, btw – the food kind).

Josh: Thanks so much for hosting the cover reveal! Here it is…

The Great Caper Caper by Josh Funk and illustrated by Brendan Kearney is available for preorder from your favorite book retailers and releases on September 20th, 2022, published by Union Square Kids.

Josh Funk is a software engineer and the author of books like the Lady Pancake & Sir French Toast series, the ​It’s Not a Fairy Tale series, the How to Code with Pearl and Pascal series, the A Story of Patience & Fortitude series, Dear Dragon, Pirasaurs!, Albie Newton, and coming soon: My Pet Feet (8/23/22), It’s Not the Three Little Pigs (10/25/22), and Dear Unicorn (fall 2023)! For more information about Josh Funk, visit him at and on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook at @joshfunkbooks.


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One thought on “The Great Caper Caper (Lady Pancake & Sir French Toast #5) by Josh Funk — Cover Reveal!

  1. They look like fun books. I think there are great books around for kids – they just have to be found. I just enjoyed Tedd Arnold and Noodlehead Nightmares. I am hoping my great nephew will like it too, we are working on his reading together.

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