Slice of Life Tuesday: What a Week!


Slice of Life Small LogoWhat a Week!

I am unable to post a decent piece of writing tonight because…

I was grading all weekend for progress reports, hosting parent teacher conferences tonight, and eating a late dinner.

Those are my excuses. I’m sticking to each one. Oh, yes! AND it’s supposed to snow 7-10 inches in the next 48 hours. Is it an excuse if it hasn’t happened yet?BirdMarch

See you next week! March 1st! The Slice of Life Story Challenge!

Day 31: SOLSC Slice of Life Story Challenge

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“Don’t cry because it’s over. Smile because it happened.” — Dr. Seuss

Day 30: SOLSC Slice of Life Story Challenge


GRATEFUL for my new friends at SOLSC

G is for the GRAVITATIONAL pull of the SOLSC network. You kept me going. When I fell, I got back up. I kept writing, because my SOLSC pals pulled me towards them.

R is for REVEALING myself to new people, and for REFLECTING on my life as a mom, daughter, teacher, and human being.

A is for APPLE. Just because, “an apple a day keeps the teachers at play.” Right?

T is for TECHNOLOGY that I am learning to use because of this project, and for TIME to do what I’ve always wanted.

E is for EXCITING new stories to tell. I’m also giving a virtual “high-five” to my EXCELLENT SOLSC team of leaders who organize this event every year. Thanks!

F is for FUNDAMENTALS — I will use this writing experience to become a better writer and teacher.

U is for ULTIMATE goals! My goal is to become a published writer, so writing every day gave me the chance to experience my dream!

L is for LEARNING. Oh, that’s the ultimate goal — yes! For me, for my students. My time with this SOLSC project helped me to renew my faith in the learning process.

Thank you everyone at SOLSC! It was nice meeting you all, and sharing stories with you. Keep in touch!


Day 29: SOLSC Slice of Life Story Challenge

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What’s Your Color?

“Color” keeps revealing itself as a topic I should study today. I’m not sure why, but I thought since the “colors” were showing up again and again (shout out to Kylene Beers and Bob Probst! LOL), it would be interesting to research some “color” ideas. Here are a few of my findings:

My friend’s band, Gandhi, is releasing a great song this coming week called “Color Yourself.” I first heard it live when I was visiting Brooklyn a couple of years back now, during one of the Teachers College Reading and Writing Project summer institutes. “Color yourself in green again…” the words of the song remind me to show off my personality, convictions, and lifestyle using color.

"Color Yourself" by Gandhi

“Color Yourself” by Gandhi

Listen to the song here.

I was on Facebook earlier, and engaged myself in (yet another) silly quiz, “What’s Your True Color?” The first time I took the quiz, my color was pink. I would never choose pink as my favorite color, but the quiz is about personality, and not visual favorites. What PINK says about me: I cannot remember all the descriptive words, but I know it showed something about being relaxed and taking naps. I love naps! I wish I would have taken a nap today. My instinct as a researcher told me to take the quiz again. With the same answers to the same nine questions, I got the color PURPLE, which said, “you’re always up for the next adventure…you are the first one to purchase a new gizmo (NOT!) or try a new restaurant (YES!).” I took the quiz one more time (you know, to use the “power of three”) and I was nabbed as “purple” again.

All of this assessment wore me out. Ha! Maybe I do need a nap!

My favorite color is blue. According to a personality test I did many years ago, the color blue alludes to peace, serenity, and casual presence. I read about this when studying design, too, so it must be accurate. I guess I was looking for relaxation in my life back then, and I do still love blue jeans, my navy blue sweatshirt, and blue and gold were the colors of my high school teams.

It was interesting studying colors today. Maybe I’m tired of the white and grey of the snow and winter. Maybe as the snow melts, I am hoping to see green again. Maybe I’m a rainbow!

What is your color?


Day 28: SOLSC Slice of Life Story Challenge

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I met with my group of ol’ friends today after school. Oh, what a great time! I love how we greet each other with hugs and waves and gather ’round the table to share. We haven’t seen each other in “forever”, but we pick up right where we left off, catching up to present-day activities, laughing and chatting and showing each other pictures on our phones. What a fabulous time!

It’s Friday! Go out and laugh it up! It’s good for the soul. I wish all of my fellow Slicers the joy of a relaxing weekend!


Day 27: SOLSC Slice of Life Story Challenge

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End of the 3rd Quarter!

Today marked the end of the third quarter of the school year AND the beginning of the fourth. Wow! What a year it has been. I am not looking forward to the lo..on…ng 4th quarter because I don’t want to make up all those snow days. But, we move on and look to the future anyway.

Tonight, my grades are done (whoopie!) and tomorrow’s teacher work day will be great. I am going to CLEAN and ORGANIZE and put new books out to read and plan my April Poetry Unit and continue researching my immigration unit. Then I will see my former teammates from coaching — a bonus! We try to get together once or twice a year to gab, laugh, and eat. I cannot wait to see them!

As for tonight, beware of disturbing me! Ha!


Have a great night!

Day 26: SOLSC Slice of Life Story Challenge


Inspiration Poem: Trying It Again

Thanks to my fellow Slicers and Ralph Fletcher for reminding me to use a mentor text and recreate it with my own words. Here’s my attempt:

The Good Old Days

Sometimes I remember

the good old days.

We traveled to Florida

to catch spring break’s rays.

The most fun I ever had

was sitting on the beach with Mom,

walking to the pier with Dad.

Sea shells collected, sand castles erected.

Needing that sunscreen and hat

so sun poisoning wouldn’t make you lay flat

on the bed; can’t go out, Oh drat!

Playing with sis in the pool after dark,

Going to Disney, can’t find anywhere to park!

Returned to the balcony, tired, just sat.

I still can’t imagine

anything better than that!

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