SOLSC Day 19: Remember when…?


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Remember when…?

I got home late (again) tonight and I just couldn’t do it. I couldn’t allow my friends to read one more boring story about how I’m either sick or don’t have the time to do anything. I decided to revisit this date from last year’s blog. It seems that lately people are curious about the past, with Timehop on Facebook, Throwback Thursdays, and such, so I thought I’d take a look.”

Is It Friday Yet? (Originally written on this blog March 19, 2014 — One Year Ago)

I feel like I am in 1700s Massachusetts — the Battle of Bunker Hill/Breed’s Hill. I’ve climbed, ready to attack; I’m a “Minuteman” — ready to work in a moment’s notice. Monday and Tuesday flew by. I kept up, crossing each task off of my to-do list, and I got done with everything! Then Wednesday arrived.

Wednesdays are true “hump” days around here. Hump. Slump! Oh, my goodness! Today is trudging along like a camel in the desert! Slowly stomping along, I am moving forward. I’m writing this piece during my lunchtime, because I think once I get home I’m going to pass out on the couch. Grinding, winding, minding my business, just to get over the hump.

The rest of the week should go fast. I am hopeful that Friday will bring about smooth sailing, lasting through the rest of the spring. I am ready to get over the humps (Wednesday AND winter’s weather hump). I’m ready to blossom in spring, and into 2014 Indiana! The Revolution is over, right?

Well, I am NOT happy with the results of this search! I sound like an old record: too much to do, not enough time. I am supposed to celebrate this year: living my dreams, cleaning the clutter, living “lean.” That’s it! I’m starting anew…tomorrow.


SOLSC Day 18: Meet the Author

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Meet the Author

Our students received a rare treat today. We walked to the auditorium and sat to watch a slide show. Wild animals and beautiful scenes of Alaska entranced the otherwise squirrelly bodies; enlarged eyes stared at the screen. Paul Greci came back to town as a visiting author, meeting students giving a personal book talk for a new library book at the school: Surviving Bear Island.


Surviving Bear IslandPaulGreci031815He read chapter 1 aloud, which was awesome, because our students love read alouds anyway, but to hear the words from the writer himself was the best! Then Mr. Greci took several questions from the audience. Some students wanted to know what our school was like when he attended (yes, he even went to our school as a young man!), what color he liked best, and even what sauce he preferred to eat with chicken wings. He told us that living in Alaska is adventurous, and he didn’t appreciate a moose licking the windows of his car! (Moose tend to hang out in his garden.) More focused writing/”what’s-it-like-to-be-an-author” questions led to surprising answers (it took him a total of 10 years from idea to published work for this book!). How much money does he make? Well…students were not too impressed with that answer. They’ll just stick with becoming basketball stars! LOL

What a wonderful experience, to meet a real, live author of a published book —  it made my job easy today! What do I want you to do now? READ! WRITE!


SOLSC Day 17: Irish Fun

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Irish Fun

Since I live near Notre Dame University, I tend to become “Irish” every chance I get. Current Irish fun includes following the NCAA basketball tournament. The men’s basketball team defeated North Carolina to win the ACC Title, and they will play their first NCAA game opposite Northeastern on Thursday at 12:15 pm (I’ll be at school! How will I watch? LOL).  It’s always a blast to cheer on the ever-popular ND women’s team; they earned a Number 1 seed in the NCAA tourney, playing at home on Friday night against Montana. We’ll definitely watch that one!

ND basketball Joyce Pavillion

Irish and wanna-be Irish citizens young and old celebrated St. Patrick’s Day today. The city was abuzz with news of the day’s traditions: corned-beef-and-cabbage dinners at local restaurants, green Mardi Gras-style beads, and green T-shirts for the “wearin’-o-the-green.”

School children wrote limericks, stories, and articles, and read books about leprechauns, rainbows, and St. Patrick. I heard stories of boys chasing the ND leprechaun into the woods, only to find NO GOLD at the end of the rainbow path! (Fun stories!)

ND leprechaun

Yes, “being Irish” is fun! I wonder if my life would be better if I could travel to Ireland? 🙂

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SOLSC Day 16: Notice the Moon



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Notice the Moon

When I walked out to my car this morning, I noticed the crescent moon shining brightly over the field across from our row of houses.

At first, I saw a halo around the moon, and I thought, “Well, I’d better enjoy today, because it’s going to rain in 3 days.” (science class flashback: precipitation usually occurs 3 days after seeing a halo around the moon.) I looked up again at the southern sky. I looked at that halo more closely.

The circle seemed almost like a rainbow: the inside, closest to the moon, was white. As it spread out, it turned slate, and then white again. It was like a painter was trying to blend the colors together. Then on the outside, I squinted because I couldn’t believe it. I saw a variegated pink outline. Amazing! The moon had caught my eye, but I stopped to pay attention. Dr. Beers would be proud of me, as I “noticed and noted” this moment in time.

SOLSC Day 15: Home Again and Reading

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Home Again and Reading

I have to say, that was a great weekend off! My sister’s birthday celebration was longer than expected, but very nice. (I’m too old to be out past midnight!) Sleeping in…ahh! (I probably don’t need further explanation for that one, right?) I don’t know if I could handle any more fabulous food. (I’m stuffed!) Now it’s time to get back to business.

I finally got home. It was nice to sit on the passenger side of the car today: sun shining, breeze blowing, and me…reading! Thanks for driving, my lovely daughter! I read articles, news from the past week, and some tidbits sent by friends.

Some of the reading hit me a little hard today. This “testing issue” in our country is way out of control. People are talking, and I think that’s a good thing. But I wonder about the actions that will follow as a result. I also worry about how the talk affects our demeanor, our attitude, our job focus. I need to keep in mind that I’m at work to do a job, and do it the best I can for my students and for myself.  I’m not sure how all the politics of education are affecting everyone else (although I’ve read MANY people’s opinions), but I know it’s affecting me in a negative way, and I don’t like it.

I’ll write more about this when I have my wits about me again. For the time being, I have to say that I will keep reading and sharing. Education is the most important topic, as far as I’m concerned. The words are out there. I’m waiting for the right answers.

SOLSC Day 14: Birthdays

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My phone is almost dead! I spent the day with my sister, who shares a birthday with the Pi Day of the Century! We are having  great time. I promise I’ll write more tomorrow.


SOLSC Day 13: Blast from the Past!


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Blast from the Past!

My former-position curriculum pals and I scheduled a VIP (Very Important Meeting) after school today at our favorite local hangout to catch up on family and school stories and enjoy each other’s company for a while. It has been so long since I have seen this amazing bunch of gals! What a Blast from the Past! We spent hours (literally) blabbering about babies, weddings, growth of our team’s little princess mascot (she’s 5; we were all meeting the day she was born!), school work, places we will move someday, and how great it was to be together again. Then something strange happened to me. It must have been a “Friday the 13th” kind of thing…

I looked up, turned to the side, and saw a nice couple, about my age, leaving their table to exit the building. For some odd reason, they both sort of stopped to look at me. I glanced back to our table, then did a double-take, and almost yelled out loud, “Oh, my gosh! Talk about Blast from the Past!” My friends from freshman year at Ball State University looked at me and said almost the same sentence! We spent a few minutes, not nearly long enough, updating each other on kids, jobs, and addresses. It was really nice to see them again. Reminiscing is such an illuminating experience.

I sat back down at the table, and my original group kept talking, and talking, and talking, until we finally decided that we probably needed to get home.  We paid the bills, promised to see each other again (not so long between this time!), and went on our way. Well, what do you know…

As I crossed the sidewalk to find my car, I saw two more ol’ teammates from my first softball team after moving to town after college. Oh my gosh! Another Blast from the Past! The night was quickly becoming a surreal experience. I stopped again to chat, just for a minute or so, then left the restaurant parking lot and drove home. I think my story from earlier this week about being tired will be my tale for tomorrow, too. I’m exhausted!

You know, Ferris Bueller once said, “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and take a look around once in a while, you could miss it.” Enjoy your weekend.

SOLSC Day 12: Almost Half Way!


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Almost Half Way!

Wow! This month is flying by (thankfully). We are almost half way through the Slice of Life Story Challenge. I’m thinking we should have a theme every month, and write every day, all the time! April could be Poetry Month (it is anyway) and we could all post poems of our own or refer to our favorites; May could be gardening/flowers/nature’s wonders; June could be summertime celebrations, etc.

To be honest, it’s not easy to write every day, especially when you have other jobs and careers getting in the way. Not that my job gets in the way of my writing…yes! Sometimes, it does.  I feel guilty when I write some days, because I’m taking half an hour (or hour!) to write a little post, and then I still have to grade, plan, prepare for my reading conferences, look up resources, etc. You, know. All the OTHER tasks that need to be completed, at school and at home.

Very honestly, I just did the dishes tonight after 4 days! Both sides of the sink were full. I usually yell at everyone else in the house to help me get chores done, but I wasn’t doing the chores, either. Everyone else is busy, too, with school, jobs, etc. So I kept quiet. The sink filled. AAHHHH!

Back to writing: “almost half way” made me think about other things that I’m half way done doing:

Life (I’m 46; times 2, that’s 92!)

Paying the mortgage (Yes!)

Cleaning the stacks of paper off my desk (there were 4; I’m down to 2.)

The mid-way point is a good place. I’m really ready for the final stretch, though. Keep writing! I’ll see you all at the finish line!

SOLSC Day 11: Tired!


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Today I am TIRED! I don’t know why. Oh, yeah…I DO know why:

* the computer light shined brightly and I couldn’t fall asleep (husband was working on an issue from his job)

* the dog cried/groaned all night long and I couldn’t sleep (he’s sick, too! Arg!)

* the ringing phone in my ears; I found out right BEFORE my alarm sounded that my daughter had a 2-hour delay today; I did not.

* failing to eat a good breakfast. I was groggy and grumpy and only had time for the essential tasks of getting ready.

* Fog: Too much concentration needed to drive to work!

* Losing both my plan times today to take care of important tasks

* Getting home after 7:00 p.m. We DID have a nice time at dinner — the last night of the Wings sale (49 cents!).

It’s almost 9:00 p.m. now. I’m tired. Good night!

SOLSC Day 10: Playing with Fonts


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Playing with Fonts and Colors

Today during writing time I played with fonts and colors. It was an intricate task, yet I found myself relaxing, creating wavy lines in navy blue, a heart encasing the word “love”, and yelling to the page: ARG!

Some people are creative, and have come up with amazing designs for their slices, while some are photographers, some sketch artists. Me, I just write simple sentences most of the time. But it’s always fun to play.

Playing = learning, you know.


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