Slice of Life Tuesday: Heading into the Break


Slice of Life Small LogoHeading into the Break

I am looking forward to next week’s spring break and the calm and peace that should come with it. It’s been such a long month with illness, friends in the hospital for sicknesses and surgeries, and interrupted work schedules.

I hope each and every one of you has a chance to relax and enjoy this season of renewed gifts!


Slice of Life Tuesday: Filling Out FAFSAs


Slice of Life Small LogoFilling Out FAFSAs

It’s that time of year again. Two daughters filled out the Financial Aid Forms this year, to see if any financial aid is available for the next school year. In our state, FAFSAs are due on March 10th. A month before taxes. Pain in the butt.

But it’s done, and now we wait.


Slice of Life Story Challenge Day 11: Weird Dreams


Weird DreSlice of Life Small Logoams

I had some weird dreams recently.

I don’t know what they mean to me.

It’s freaking me out, without a doubt…

Stop it!

Slice of Life Story Challenge Day 10: I Just Want to Read!


Slice of Life Small LogoI Just Want to Read!

I have a student who grumbles every time we do a new reading project. I asked why the grumbles, and he said, “I just want to read.”

I totally agree! While teaching students to love reading, we teachers are also finding ways to assess/grade/report standards of learning so that our reading classes are successful in an administrator’s eye. Various methods are acceptable. Reading logs, comprehension checks, menus, games, and even tests are used in classrooms across the country to “prove” that students achieve the goals set forth by the school. Many archaic lesson plans are out-of-date now, or no longer acceptable as best practice ways to teach reading. What is a student to do? What are teachers to do? Conversations are ongoing…and fascinating!

Sometimes, though, as a reader, I just want to read.

Slice of Life Story Challenge Day 9: Try It Again


Slice of Life Small LogoNow that I’m back in the school building, I have some expectations of what I want to see before the end of the third quarter. My absences have affected my class productivity. I am not pleased!

However, many of my students are writing Slice of Life stories for the March challenge, which is making life interesting. I cannot wait until the end of the month when we revise, edit, and publish. The March Book Madness “Sweet 16” bracket came out on, so that’s fun to follow. I think an interesting match-up in the Reality bracket will be A Strange Case of Origami Yoda vs. A Night Divided. They are very different books, so I’d like to see which one is the “winner” there. Below are the match-ups:

Fantasy Bracket: Rump vs. Fablehaven, Snicker of Magic vs. Iron Trials, Crenshaw vs. Flora & Ulysses, and Magnus Chase vs. Artemis Fowl

Reality Bracket: Out of My Mind vs. The Honest Truth, A Strange Case of Origami Yoda vs. A Night Divided, Because of Mr. Terupt vs. Bud, Not Buddy, and Fish in a Tree vs. Sunny Side Up.

Now it’s time to buckle down and work. I want published works, reading, and projects that are 6th-going-to-7th-grade-ready! I want students to shine.

March Book Madness bracket information for middle school voting can be found at The Slice of Life Story Challenge is hosted by the wonderful ladies at Thank you!

Slice of Life Story Challenge Day 8: Book Stack


BookStack030816Slice of Life Small LogoI have a large book stack. I also have a large headache.

I wish I could be home sick and read.

The stack will wait for me.



Slice of Life Story Challenge Day 7: Back to Work!


Slice of Life Small LogoBack to Work!

After suffering all weekend, I’m back to work today! I don’t know why this weakness, illness, affliction is staying with me, but I will know more after my doctor’s appointment today.

Our class is writing Slice of Life stories today as well. Some students are writing about weekend life, favorite YouTube channels, and family members. I like reading the pieces and getting to know people better. Some students have fascinating stories! I’m having a little trouble thinking in this large, echo-y classroom — people want to talk about their ideas and items of interest instead of writing them down. I think I know why there are “writers’ retreats” now. The distractions are not helping my brain!

Maybe I shouldn’t write with my students. (No, that’s not what I learned is best for any of us.)

Slice of Life Story Challenge Day 5: Errands and a Movie


Slice of Life Small LogoErrands and a Movie

Today I felt better, so we got some errands done.

Tonight was out-to-movie night, which is always fun.

“London Has Fallen” kept me on my toes, but not like the first one.

I’m hoping tomorrow is as good as they say; we may even see the sun.



Slice of Life Story Challenge: Day 4 Oops!


Slice of Life Small LogoOops! I missed a day already! (I think I did that early last year, too.)

Darn sick days. Testing is over, for now, so that’s good news. The bad news? Health issues keeping me down. Doctor said to stay home today, so I’m sitting on the couch, HGTV on TV, dog on my feet, resting. Ugh.

Slice of Life Story Challenge: Day Two’s Slicer Fun!


SliceofLifeSwagMarch2016Slicer Fun!

I got my Slice of Life mug and T-shirt today!

Slice of Life Small Logo

You don’t want to hear about the rest of my day. This is the good part!


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