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SOLSC: Day 5 #sol19

Celebrate reading and books!

I love my author friends — they are generous, caring, intelligent, and fun!

Today we celebrate Revenge of the Enginerds by Jarrett Learner — Thank you for the bookplates and bookmarks. The kids are going to love them!

Happy Paperback Book Birthday to The Crossover and Booked, by Kwame Alexander! I love these books — they made most of my students readers — and now I have a chance to ignite new flames for new students this spring.

This is an exciting time to be a reader. Celebrate your favorite authors today.




SOLSC: #sol19 Day 3

Bridesmaids’ Dress Shopping – Special Time

My oldest daughter is getting married in August. Today my daughters, niece, and in-law shopped for bridesmaids’ dresses.

Learning Point #1: You’re never going to make everyone happy. Just smile anyway.

Learning Point #2: Not every color and/or style looks good on everyone. The “You Be You” movement must have started in a bridal store.

Learning Point #3: Spending time with family is a special event.

Bonus: When the sales lady schedules your party for two hours, make sure you plan to double that time. LOL

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Slice of Life Story Challenge – Day 1 (#Sol19)

Well, hello! Long time, no blog. I haven’t written a Slice of Life blog post since June 12, 2018, and I miss it. I don’t have any excuses; I just didn’t write “slices.” Now it’s time to return to my blogging roots. Let’s have some fun!

March 1, 2019: My sixth grade “superfans” of Kwame Alexander (author of The Crossover and many others) participated in the Learning Ally-sponsored webinar for Read Across America Day. I had a blast watching students watch Kwame talk about his first childhood book love (Fox in Socks), reveal how long it took to write The Crossover (5 years!), and motivate students to say, “Yes” to life! Author/Illustrator connections with students help promote a lifelong love of reading, and I’m a witness to the awesomeness. These kids will remember this day forever.

I look forward to writing with you each day this March. Welcome to the Slice of Life Challenge!


Thank you to StaceyBetsyBethKathleenDebKelseyMelanie, and Lanny for creating this community and providing this space for teachers and others to share their stories every Tuesday. Be sure to visit Two Writing Teachers to read more Slice of Life posts.