SOLSC: Day 9 #sol19


My husband was off work today, so we decided to go to the local home show — 100+ vendors and companies ready to give estimates on anything you could possibly want for your home. We got several ideas and left with the following plans:

*Landscaping for the entire back yard, including plants, pavers, and water features.

*Sunroom/4 Season addition, which will be the new exercise and workout room, complete with a spa hot tub.

*Fire pit and gathering area, with sitting area and a dining table, which will also serve as an outdoor grill area.

*Patio sliding door and new windows

*Masonry project with 2 new columns for the front patio (brick on the bottom, tiered to a designed column that matches the roof color)

*Lawn mowers (two: one for the front yard and a riding mower for the back yard)

Anything else we need? Oh, yeah. A few extra jobs to pay for all of this! LOL! We had a good time, and that was the point of this Saturday. Now we are home, enjoying movies on Netflix while it rains outside, and we are fine with what we have.


SOLSC: Day 7 Absent Day 8 Weekend! #sol19


Well, I’ve done it again. I wasn’t feel well last night, and I went to bed. NyQuil helped me sleep, so I could get up and work at two schools today. Now I’m back home: work, dishes, laundry, and weekend planning. I can’t wait to relax and read, go to the home show, and maybe see a movie. I have quite a stack of books again (how am I always behind?). Let me tell you about three books I’m reading next:

  1. Another by Christian Robinson — This wordless picture book opens with a young girl and her cat, sleeping. Well, the cat is not sleeping. The cat is looking at a light that appears on the wall. It looks like an oval, but then another cat comes through it and into the bedroom. Another dimension? What will be there? Of course, one must explore. This book is pure fun and games! I can’t even imagine how much time it took to set those punch-out dots in place for that bright red hill in the middle spread. Don’t forget to run your hand over the front cover (it’s textured) and definitely don’t forget to take off the jacket and see what lies underneath. ANOTHER text that’s fun for the whole family.
  2. The Silence Between Us (ARC) by Alison Gervais — I’ve marveled at this cover for 2 days now; it’s beautiful. The back cover captured my interest. “Maya Harris’s world is turned upside down when she moves and has to leave Pratt School for the Deaf and attend a hearing school for the first time…As if changing schools senior year wasn’t bad enough…” I’m hooked already. I’m sure this will be a title I love. Thank you to BLINK YA BOOKS for the copy! (Publishing date August 13, 2019)
  3. Shortest Way Home, by Pete Buttigieg — Our very own “Mayor Pete” is now looking at a presidential bid in 2020. His memoir/hope-for-the-future is out now, and I can’t wait to learn more about him. Pete is a genuinely nice person and intelligent human, and I am happy to support his literary efforts.


SOLSC: Day 6 #sol19

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Good evening,

Sometimes chores come first. This evening was that time. Groceries, laundry, dishes…all must-finish work that has to be done to move forward this week. That leaves little time for writing.

The question from the Slice of Life team is “How’s it going?” (Reminds me of Carl Anderson and writing workshop!) “Well, it’s going,” I say today. I love that this challenge helps me to at least sit down for a few minutes before bedtime and connect with people.

I hope you had a great day — not too full of chores, but full of cheer!

SOLSC: Day 5 #sol19


Celebrate reading and books!

I love my author friends — they are generous, caring, intelligent, and fun!

Today we celebrate Revenge of the Enginerds by Jarrett Learner — Thank you for the bookplates and bookmarks. The kids are going to love them!

Happy Paperback Book Birthday to The Crossover and Booked, by Kwame Alexander! I love these books — they made most of my students readers — and now I have a chance to ignite new flames for new students this spring.

This is an exciting time to be a reader. Celebrate your favorite authors today.


SOLSC: Day 4 #sol19

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Haiku for Healing

Stuffy nose, wheezing

cough and cold prevail over

the biting wind here.


SOLSC: #sol19 Day 3


Bridesmaids’ Dress Shopping – Special Time

My oldest daughter is getting married in August. Today my daughters, niece, and in-law shopped for bridesmaids’ dresses.

Learning Point #1: You’re never going to make everyone happy. Just smile anyway.

Learning Point #2: Not every color and/or style looks good on everyone. The “You Be You” movement must have started in a bridal store.

Learning Point #3: Spending time with family is a special event.

Bonus: When the sales lady schedules your party for two hours, make sure you plan to double that time. LOL

SOLSC: Day 2 #sol19


I love reading. I love new books. I love my friends who love reading and want to talk about reading with me. My daughter and I had fun visiting Kathy at The Brain Lair Bookstore in South Bend today. We discussed what we are reading now, authors we love, what’s going on in the publishing world, and…

I was #brave.

What a great day!

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