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Slice of Life Tuesday: Reflections

anniversaryflowers050614I was just staring at the beautiful flowers my husband had delivered to my school today. Anniversary flowers are so beautiful! So sweet! I looked through the enormous wide-bowl, clear glass vase to check the water level and saw reflections of light everywhere. Then I was thinking about multiple meaning words (a focus of discussion in class) like¬†“reflection.”

reflection (noun): the throwing back by a body or surface of light, heat, or sound, without absorbing it.

reflection (noun): serious thought or consideration.  (Definitions provided by Google.)

Reflection of light — the tiny pictures along my dining room wall, on the table, through the glass. So intricate! So beautiful! I am enjoying my day, this weekday anniversary that might have otherwise been boring. (School night — I have to get to bed early, you see.) The reflections make me think I am dreaming.

Reflection — thinking. It seems I have used reflection quite a bit lately, thinking of how my life is going during the “middle ages” (notice I did NOT capitalize here — I don’t want anyone to think “Dark Ages” — Ha!), about how my students are doing during this “ISTEP testing week” (almost done!), and about how I need to set some new goals for the summer and beyond. Again, dreaming — of the past, present, and future.

I hope your day provides you with reflections of beauty and joy, as well! Have a great week.