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Slice of Life Tuesdays: Happy Birthday, Jake!

Slice of Life Small LogoJake the poodle is 15! From what I know about poodles, they usually live between 10-12 years, so Jake is an old man! Here is Jake’s birthday story:

I made it downstairs; it’s getting harder and harder to trudge down those 12 steps. I always miss the last one now. I can’t remember numbers after 10, so I trip every time. Oof! And that carpet is the same color all the way down; it burns my eyes to squint so much. I wish they’d give me a color strip or something so I could focus.

Once I got to the bottom of the stairs, I saw Ashley. I was so excited! She’s never home anymore — always working. She smacked her knees and bid me over to the couch, “Come ‘ere, boy! Happy Birthday!” I wagged my tail because I was so happy. She giggled at me and gave me a bite of her donut. (Oops! We weren’t supposed to tell Mom!) I wound up and jumped with all my might to sit by Ashley on the comfy cushions. Ouch! My knee still hurt from rolling down the hill this summer. I forgot! I yelped, and Ashley pat me on the head and gave me another bite. Yum! Doesn’t hurt so bad now.

Well all that excitement made me tired! I yawned and snuggled myself next to the blue blanket. Soft! Cozy! Wonderful! Time for a nap. jakeyawnsoct2016jpg

I was startled when I heard the door upstairs open. Mom and Dad are home! I looked up and saw people walking around, so I decided to see who else remembered today was my celebration. I hobbled up the stairs, turned the corner by the refrigerator, and found Mom. “Happy Birthday, Boy!” She gave me a short massage on my graying ears — Aah! I couldn’t see the treat she dropped on the floor, but she pointed her toe at it and I gobbled it up! Canine Carryouts with cheese are my favorite. Then I watched from my post, the cabinet at the corner of the kitchen. I sat nicely and looked at Mom with my adorable (blinding) eyes. She saw me. She walked to my cabinet and got out the big yellow bag. I forgot, I AM hungry!

After lunch, I was sleepy again. Dad let me outside — it’s such a nice day, but really too cold for me anymore. I shivered on the step for at least 10 minutes. I swear he doesn’t keep track of the time. I had to bark again. I hate that, and so do the humans. I don’t mean to be rude, but sometimes I have to remind them that I’m old and I can’t handle the outside like I used to. After that fall I took when I dislocated my knee, I just don’t have as much fun outdoors.

Well I got back inside — Dad gave me a treat, too! Wow! They MUST love me on my birthday! However (urp), I now have a tummy ache, so I’ll go under the table and hide. Don’t want to get into trouble for throwing up anywhere.

After another short nap, I felt like playing. Outside time with Mom is better than being alone. We ran around a little bit, but I get tired so fast. These old legs just cannot handle the chase. Back inside for some cool water and — you guessed it! — another nap. But this time it was getting dark. I waited for Mom to say the words. I was ready for it.

Dad was watching sports again. He loves that tv. I don’t like all the yelling. That’s a game? So annoying — all the yelling. I can’t see the screen anyway, so I don’t pay much attention when the tube is on. I guessed Mom had enough yelling, too. When Mom said, “Time for bed,” I was already on the way to my pillow in the quiet master bedroom. I love sleeping with Mom. I’m too small to be on the bed anymore (she’s afraid I’ll jump off and break my leg), but I love my doggie pillow. What a nice birthday that was! Good night, humans. See you at 3:00 am. (he he)

Happy Birthday, Jake!




Slice of Life Tuesdays: The Merry Month of May!

Slice of Life Small LogoThe Merry Month of May!

May is MY month! It’s true. I’ve claimed it; it is mine. Starting with May Day (which was also my Grandma Jo’s birthday), I celebrate spring, life, love, happiness, and freedom.

May 1: Spring time! May Day!  May 6: Love for my 26 years of marriage (that’s a long time)!  May 18: Life — my life, my birthday.  May 25: Memorial Day, which is my freedom weekend usually. Also love, remembrance, and family times. May is absolutely MY month!

I love to share, though, so I was pleasantly surprised when I found out many of my students share in my joy over the month of May. Several students giggled happily during a conversation I had, and I overheard them talking: “Hers is the 18th? Mine is the 14th!” “Mine is the 6th!” “Mine is the 28th!” etc. It turns out that we are going to celebrate birthdays this month, and we are inviting the rest of the class along for the ride! Cake (no ice cream — melting issue), presents (books and pencils, I assume!), and pizza lunch on the 18th.

I told the class, “I’d better see balloons and cards!” LOL — I was kidding. It’s going to be great!

Happy May, everyone! Enjoy!


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Dad’s Birthday

My dad would have been 77 today. HIS dad (Grandpa) also shared this birthday with his son. How cool is that? I was always amazed when my Grandma retold the story. “No, we didn’t plan for your father to be born on Grandpa’s birthday. That was his surprise present.” (Really, Grandma?) Yes, really.

I’m sure Dad would have gone to a basketball game or something for his celebration. Maybe Komets hockey? If the grandkids were there, he would have invited them to go, and then on the way home, he would have taken the “scenic route” (Mom called it) downtown to see the huge Santa lights on the side of the bank building and he would have driven through the neighborhoods to check out the decorated houses. (Do they still have those lights? I wonder. I haven’t driven home yet this year. I’ll check it out next week.)

My dad would have had steak for dinner and chocolate cake for dessert today. (Nobody was brave enough to actually cook.) That’s ok. We still remember the tastes of the savory steak sauce and creamy chocolate fudge frosting on the mouthwatering moist cake.

At last, present time! The kids always made cookies or gave him a king-size Hershey Bar. He would put his goodies down beside his chair for later. No sharing. Never needing anything, we would still get him a car wash gift certificate or maybe a new faucet for the bathroom sink. (“When you get to my age, you don’t need anything.”) We’d laugh and sing in our awful “Simon-would-cringe-American Idol” voices.

Then everyone would get ready and tuck into bed. He’d stay up in his Lazy Boy and watch an old movie. (“Miracle on 34th Street” was on tonight.) Then he’d sneak a cookie or two, when no one was watching.

Happy Birthday, Dad!