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Curriculum Tip Tuesday: Don’t Stop Believing

Dear Parents,

Thank you for the opportunity to share in your family’s life by being your child’s teacher. I appreciate it! Not only do you trust that I know what I am doing, you support me by speaking with me (and your child) on the phone, by attending choir and band concerts, and by stopping by to check in on us when you don’t feel comfortable with what your child says is going on in the classroom.

Here’s my tip of the day: Don’t stop believing! Education is truly an opportunity, and we all need to take full advantage each day.

People around the world are fighting for what we already have. People are speaking out, acting out — even facing violence — for the right to an education. There is nothing more important.

“Dream a little dream.” Dream that my classroom is a stepping stone to bigger and better things. Dream that reading and math (and all the other subjects, of course!) are enjoyable, and yet necessary, at the same time. Dream that your child, one day, will be highly educated and able to rule the world. I will dream with you.

Your education advocate,

Mrs. S