LOL! I really did laugh out loud this week. I was reading Facebook posts of several friends that uploaded pictures from vacation hotspots. Paris, Hawaii, Florida, Colorado, you name it, there was a picture. Then I came across a picture from the┬ácomments under one of the photos: it was a front door on a nice brick apartment (or townhome?) building, a simple landscape tree, and a little grass. The person noted something along the lines of, “This is the view from MY front door.”


But I was really excited that day about my front-door view, because we had overgrown and ugly (!) bushes torn out, and new landscaping rocks poured into the space. It made my front door and porch look so much more open and welcoming! I love it!

So as a tribute to vacations, I’ll re-share a few past vacation photos, as we all celebrate summer:



Cocoa Beach bridge to ocean 040113ocean water 040113plane ride 033113











And I will add my current summer vacation view — home:

HOME_view from front door 072914

Have a great summer! It’s almost AUGUST already!