SOLSC: Day 12 #sol19

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I’m sad that my granddaughter didn’t get to come over today and play due to flu/pneumonia possibility. We were going to read new books. Maybe another time.

Slice of Life Tuesday: Taking It Easy

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Slice of Life Small LogoTake it easy, they say.

Colds, flu, sneezes, wheezes.

Keep it up, they say.

Work, meetings, reports.

Drive home in a trance.

In the door, take a glance

at the TV. ABC Family?

Polar Express and some soup

Taking it easy, now; back in the loop…


Slice of Life Tuesday: Impromptu Visit


Slice of Life Small LogoImpromptu Visit

My daughter called just to say,

“Hey, Mom. How was your day?”

It was nice to hear her voice,

then I got the better choice…

A surprise, a visit, she came over!

I looked outside for the four-leaf clover!

We ate and talked and shared our day;

she listened to me read the way…

I will tomorrow during read aloud time.

She gave me a compliment about story, rhyme,

and voice.

If I had a choice…

She’d still be here.

But I know that’s not true, because I see,

she’s turning into the woman I wished her to be.

I let her go, then wrote this post and said,

“Goodnight” to the rest of the family. Time for bed!







Slice of Life Tuesday: Escape


The last couple of weeks, I have longed to escape the everyday life. This is France Park, in Logansport, Indiana. My nature escape time occurs simultaneously with my daughter’s SCUBA club adventures. It’s a win-win for both of us! Enjoy the scenery!

FranceParkfogbeach092814 leavesgroundFrancePark092814 treeleavesFrancePark092814 birchtreeFranceParkNov09 SCUBAintowaterinstructions