Book Review: A Pocketful of Poems

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I love it when Nikki Grimes shows the reader different types of poetry — She’s a master at placing words to catch your interest and attention. Pocketful of Poems (2001) features haiku. The narrator, Tiana, celebrates the seasons with words she finds in her pocket. Spring, pigeon, homer (reminds me to cheer for my baseball team), pumpkin (which reminds me of my favorite season), and gift are just some of the words Tiana invites you to use to create your own haiku poems. Exploring Javaka Steptoe’s textures and creative placement of color and objects on the page make this book even more fun to read over and over. The hand-sculpted gilded alphabet makes me want some letters for my own pocket. Celebrate the seasons with Tiana, and maybe even write something yourself.

Vacation Ends: A Haiku

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Florida’s main goal:

Weary traveler renews

so life can resume.

_ Jennifer Sniadecki

Slice of Life Tuesday: No Time to Slice!


My friend has been writing haikus about her life. They are fabulous! I’ll try one now — quickly.

No slicing tonight —

Work to be done by Thursday.

End of First Quarter