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SOLSC: Day 11 #sol19

Just now I sat down to read some posts and cool down from my 6th cardio workout this month. I’m trying to reclaim my body, nutrition, and life benefits. When I sat down, I felt like writing, but honestly, I’d rather go to bed now. It’s National Nap Day, so my brain thinks I need a nap. But no! It’s still light outside (thanks to the time change in Indiana)! So I’ll stay awake until bedtime and write. What a way to wind down!

Have a nice evening!



SOLSC: Day 9 #sol19

My husband was off work today, so we decided to go to the local home show — 100+ vendors and companies ready to give estimates on anything you could possibly want for your home. We got several ideas and left with the following plans:

*Landscaping for the entire back yard, including plants, pavers, and water features.

*Sunroom/4 Season addition, which will be the new exercise and workout room, complete with a spa hot tub.

*Fire pit and gathering area, with sitting area and a dining table, which will also serve as an outdoor grill area.

*Patio sliding door and new windows

*Masonry project with 2 new columns for the front patio (brick on the bottom, tiered to a designed column that matches the roof color)

*Lawn mowers (two: one for the front yard and a riding mower for the back yard)

Anything else we need? Oh, yeah. A few extra jobs to pay for all of this! LOL! We had a good time, and that was the point of this Saturday. Now we are home, enjoying movies on Netflix while it rains outside, and we are fine with what we have.