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WFMAD Challenge: Write 15 Minutes a Day — Public Post: Happy Labor Day!

I am using my day off to relax, and to reflect on my opportunity to work as a teacher. ┬áIn this day and age, I am lucky to have a job — with days off, no less — and I thank all of those who came before me for fighting for my labor rights.

My right, as a woman, to work in the public arena and gather a decent wage (as small as that wage seems sometimes).

My right, as a teacher, to develop curriculum and assist students in becoming our future leaders.

My right, as a professional, to learn and grow as I see fit.

My right, as a citizen, to read, write, and continue to develop my own ideas and goals.

My right, as a leader in my field, to fight for our continued well-being. Bless all you teachers out there! I’m with ‘ya!

Happy Labor Day!