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Slice of Life Tuesday: Welcome to 2nd Semester!

Slice of Life Small LogoWelcome to 2nd Semester!

My goal today is to assess the work ethic — learning minutes on task — of the students in class, and to find ways for students to become more independent in their educational endeavors. It is important that students learn to survive in the wild of the outside world, and it is my  job to allow them to try, to fail, to grow.

We are now writing Slice of Life stories, poems, and lists to get ready for the March Slice of Life Challenge. Each Tuesday, we focus on what we are thinking, remembering times of our lives, and making lists of items we want others to know.

It is a struggle to watch students fail. It is a struggle to lead students down paths they have not tried before. But I know that it will be a pleasure to see these students succeed this semester, doing more than they ever thought possible!

Steps to Growth and Success:

  1. Read and write. Every day.
  2. Focus on the learning.
  3. Celebrate success.


Slice of Life Tuesdays: Still Learning…

Slice of Life Small LogoStill Learning…

Today I learned that teachers are passionate!

Today I learned that some teachers think what’s best for their students is completely opposite of what I think is best for students.

Today I learned that teachers are truly and deeply terrified of the consequences of their teaching actions in the classroom.

Today I learned that people still believe that standardized testing is the only way to assess students’ success in schools.

Today I learned that I need to keep writing and speaking about what is truly best for students.

Today, and every day, I am passionate about teaching and learning.

Today, and every day, I am passionate about the need to continue an education revolution in this state, in this country.

Today, and every day (thanks for the words, TCRWP!), I will think and act with students in mind — that growth mindset that we all so deeply need to incorporate into our teaching existence.

We are all still learning.


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Slice of Life Tuesday: Reflections

anniversaryflowers050614I was just staring at the beautiful flowers my husband had delivered to my school today. Anniversary flowers are so beautiful! So sweet! I looked through the enormous wide-bowl, clear glass vase to check the water level and saw reflections of light everywhere. Then I was thinking about multiple meaning words (a focus of discussion in class) like “reflection.”

reflection (noun): the throwing back by a body or surface of light, heat, or sound, without absorbing it.

reflection (noun): serious thought or consideration.  (Definitions provided by Google.)

Reflection of light — the tiny pictures along my dining room wall, on the table, through the glass. So intricate! So beautiful! I am enjoying my day, this weekday anniversary that might have otherwise been boring. (School night — I have to get to bed early, you see.) The reflections make me think I am dreaming.

Reflection — thinking. It seems I have used reflection quite a bit lately, thinking of how my life is going during the “middle ages” (notice I did NOT capitalize here — I don’t want anyone to think “Dark Ages” — Ha!), about how my students are doing during this “ISTEP testing week” (almost done!), and about how I need to set some new goals for the summer and beyond. Again, dreaming — of the past, present, and future.

I hope your day provides you with reflections of beauty and joy, as well! Have a great week.


Day 30: SOLSC Slice of Life Story Challenge

GRATEFUL for my new friends at SOLSC

G is for the GRAVITATIONAL pull of the SOLSC network. You kept me going. When I fell, I got back up. I kept writing, because my SOLSC pals pulled me towards them.

R is for REVEALING myself to new people, and for REFLECTING on my life as a mom, daughter, teacher, and human being.

A is for APPLE. Just because, “an apple a day keeps the teachers at play.” Right?

T is for TECHNOLOGY that I am learning to use because of this project, and for TIME to do what I’ve always wanted.

E is for EXCITING new stories to tell. I’m also giving a virtual “high-five” to my EXCELLENT SOLSC team of leaders who organize this event every year. Thanks!

F is for FUNDAMENTALS — I will use this writing experience to become a better writer and teacher.

U is for ULTIMATE goals! My goal is to become a published writer, so writing every day gave me the chance to experience my dream!

L is for LEARNING. Oh, that’s the ultimate goal — yes! For me, for my students. My time with this SOLSC project helped me to renew my faith in the learning process.

Thank you everyone at SOLSC! It was nice meeting you all, and sharing stories with you. Keep in touch!