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SOLSC Day 28: Not What We Wanted

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Not What We Wanted

Well, Notre Dame lost in the Elite Eight. That’s ok. They almost beat #1 Kentucky. They played tough, earning the respect of the country. They lost by only 2 points. Not what we wanted.

My granddaughter called me earlier. She was “sad.” “Mommy’s watching her show, but I wanna watch my show.” (Mommy in the background: “You watched your shows all day.”) Aw, that’s ok. I told her, “Let Mommy watch her show this time.” She cried, “Nooo!” Not what she wanted.

Sometimes we don’t get what we want. There’s always something else to make up for the loss. I wanted to go to New York today for the Teachers College Reading and Writing Project Saturday Reunion. I wasn’t able to attend; the schedule just wouldn’t work this spring. Not what I wanted. That’s ok. I got to spend time at home — relaxing, visiting family members in person and via phone, and enjoying my day on Twitter (following the reunion, of course).

To all those TCRWP teachers: send me your notes! 🙂


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SOLSC Day 17: Irish Fun

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Irish Fun

Since I live near Notre Dame University, I tend to become “Irish” every chance I get. Current Irish fun includes following the NCAA basketball tournament. The men’s basketball team defeated North Carolina to win the ACC Title, and they will play their first NCAA game opposite Northeastern on Thursday at 12:15 pm (I’ll be at school! How will I watch? LOL).  It’s always a blast to cheer on the ever-popular ND women’s team; they earned a Number 1 seed in the NCAA tourney, playing at home on Friday night against Montana. We’ll definitely watch that one!

ND basketball Joyce Pavillion

Irish and wanna-be Irish citizens young and old celebrated St. Patrick’s Day today. The city was abuzz with news of the day’s traditions: corned-beef-and-cabbage dinners at local restaurants, green Mardi Gras-style beads, and green T-shirts for the “wearin’-o-the-green.”

School children wrote limericks, stories, and articles, and read books about leprechauns, rainbows, and St. Patrick. I heard stories of boys chasing the ND leprechaun into the woods, only to find NO GOLD at the end of the rainbow path! (Fun stories!)

ND leprechaun

Yes, “being Irish” is fun! I wonder if my life would be better if I could travel to Ireland? 🙂

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