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SOL Tuesday: Getting ready to party!

I am ready to party! May is my month: my anniversary, Mother’s Day, and my birthday. Memorial Day…end-of-standardized-testing windows (a great celebration!)…friends and family graduations…retirement parties. There is so much to do in May!

Party time!

I was just thinking about celebrations. Our school will celebrate spring and ridding ISTEP from our computer lab schedules. I am personally celebrating life events with my family. My colleagues and I are meeting at our favorite local hangout on Friday to celebrate a friend’s retirement after teaching “forever.” There is so much to do in May!

Party time!

Celebrating spring weather (finally!) and the opening of the pool on Memorial Day weekend all just make me smile from ear to ear. Party time! I hope that you have many celebrations on your plates this spring. I wish you the best! All of you who are ready to party… let’s get it started!