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SOLSC Day 18: Meet the Author

Slice of Life Small LogoThank you to the ladies at Two Writing Teachers ( for hosting the March Slice of Life Story Challenge!

Meet the Author

Our students received a rare treat today. We walked to the auditorium and sat to watch a slide show. Wild animals and beautiful scenes of Alaska entranced the otherwise squirrelly bodies; enlarged eyes stared at the screen. Paul Greci came back to town as a visiting author, meeting students giving a personal book talk for a new library book at the school: Surviving Bear Island.


Surviving Bear IslandPaulGreci031815He read chapter 1 aloud, which was awesome, because our students love read alouds anyway, but to hear the words from the writer himself was the best! Then Mr. Greci took several questions from the audience. Some students wanted to know what our school was like when he attended (yes, he even went to our school as a young man!), what color he liked best, and even what sauce he preferred to eat with chicken wings. He told us that living in Alaska is adventurous, and he didn’t appreciate a moose licking the windows of his car! (Moose tend to hang out in his garden.) More focused writing/”what’s-it-like-to-be-an-author” questions led to surprising answers (it took him a total of 10 years from idea to published work for this book!). How much money does he make? Well…students were not too impressed with that answer. They’ll just stick with becoming basketball stars! LOL

What a wonderful experience, to meet a real, live author of a published book —  it made my job easy today! What do I want you to do now? READ! WRITE!