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Slice of Life Tuesday: Redo, Again

I first wrote this post in 2009. Each year, I redo the post, to teach my students that I’m not perfect, and to encourage them that no matter where you are in the writing process, it’s ok to revisit former writings and change them to meet current needs, change of audience, or revise to improve the text. Even as I typed this current version, I made changes I thought would improve the writing and prove my point.

My closet was a mess! I couldn’t find my new Asics volleyball shoes I bought the month before because there was so much junk on the floor of the full-wall storage center in my bedroom. As I sifted through old shopping bags, papers from school, and shoe boxes, I finally came to the orange box with the wanted shoes. I felt relieved, like a runner just finishing her first Sunburst Marathon, but also sick, sweaty, and exhausted that it had taken me so long to complete the task. I needed to clean!

My closet is white and long, but not deep — only about 2-1/2 feet. It has three wide shelves to the left, each packed with folded, sorted, and stacked categories of clothing, picture boxes, and “stuff.” The rest of the closet is the long metal bar for hanging clothes, a hamper, and plenty of floor space where I stash everything I don’t feel like putting away correctly.

One day after school had ended and there were no other pressing engagements, I decided it would be cleaning day! Monday was perfect — the day before trash day in our neighborhood. I started by tearing everything out of the closet (floor first, then shelves) and organizing items into piles: recycle, trash, and keep. As I got rid of the recycle and trash piles and took one full Hefty bag each out to the garage, I felt so much better — so much cleaner. I was like the marathon runner after returning home, showering, and dressing up for dinner.

After reorganizing the “keep” items into neat stacks on the shelves and floor, and hanging fresh clothes on the bar, I felt an energy that I thought I could transfer magically to other people in the house. I could share my organizing skills with my girls! Well, that’s another story…

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Day 11: SOLSC Slice of Life Story Challenge

Excited or Exhausted?

I’d like to jump right in and say, “Exhausted!” But when I read other posts from other exhausted people working on this challenge, I experience a second-wind feeling, and I am “excited” to get back to writing. I feel a renewed sense of dedication to my writing, my job, and my life’s journey tonight — Yes, I am excited!

My writing has been on the back burner of my priorities stove top for years. I have so many ideas, and so many times I start a text, only to find some other higher priority (like running to the grocery store or reading the latest entertainment gossip) and run off to complete that first. My goal is to publish, so creating is a good start. I must keep it up. I must keep the ideas flowing, and the pen doodling, and the computer typing. I think I can, I think I can, I think I can….break my goal up into “slice of life” sections. One section, “Slice of Life,” cut out for my personal narratives, poems, and pictures. Thank you to all of you at the “SOLSC” for helping me to meet this part of my goal!

My job has been a different type of challenge this year. Much illness, snow, and even my father’s passing recently, kept me from working to my potential. In February, I got my results from a standardized predictive assessment, and my students did well, even though I felt like the school year was slipping away from me. I was excited then, watching their success. I am even more excited today; I watched that group of students take the real standardized test (day one) and I saw that they were confident and ready to show what they know! Some students even replied, “It was easy,” when I asked them how it went. Yes!

My life’s journey — a constant car ride from my school to home, to high school pick up, to the local pizza joint, to my daughter’s new townhouse, to the grocery store — has never been boring. I am an extrovert and I love the daily grind. I never SAY I love it, but I do. My family is wonderful. I never SAY my family is wonderful…well, I just did, didn’t I? Yes, it’s true. I wouldn’t trade them in for anything, except maybe a quiet condo on the lake. LOL! I am a dedicated mom, daughter, wife, teacher, and grandma, although I still definitely want to move to a condo! That’s another goal. A different story.

Exhausted?  Yes. I am exhausted. Excited? Yes, most definitely, I am excited to be here, sharing my stories with you!

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DAY 4: SOLSC Slice of Life Story Challenge

My Favorite Things

My favorite things spread on the floor, are books and candy and pics and more.

Trying to clean the cluttered mess, can’t rid of anything: no…and yes!

Found something to toss away in the trash! Wait! Isn’t that from the New Year’s bash?

Can’t throw that one away, not yet. I’ll ask my sister; it is her pet.

Memories spread across the floor; thinking about the good times galore.