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Day 6: SOLSC Slice of Life Story Challenge

I like to think of myself as a professional person, but there are days that I do not feel professional. I am thinking of that story, “Eleven,” by Sandra Cisneros (about a girl who had a horrible day on her birthday) that I’ve read about a hundred times. “You don’t feel eleven. Not right away. It takes a few days, weeks even, sometimes even months before you say Eleven when they ask you. And you don’t feel smart eleven, not until you’re almost twelve. That’s the way it is.”

I’m going to relax tonight and avoid professionalism. My “date night” TV show will start soon, the hit, “Suits.” I’m going to watch the characters continue their stories and talk to my husband about our predictions for this season, what we would do in their situations, and how we should go back to school and become lawyers (HA! Too late!).

Have a great evening, Slicers!