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Slice of Life Tuesday: Snow Day?

Slice of Life Small LogoIt’s the middle of February and much of the country had snow this winter, but we are still waiting for our ration here in South Bend. The east coast even had a blizzard in January, and Boston was supposed to get 8 more inches, according to the meteorologists. Currently my driveway has about 2 inches of white coating.

The weather forecasters are preparing TV viewers for 5-8 inches of snow in our area. Earlier today, it was snowing — big white flakes — for about an hour. This evening, it’s quiet again. I’m pretty sure unless the wind picks up or snow starts falling again soon that we WILL have school tomorrow. The media frenzy around snow days
Snow Day bookmust be big business. Personally, I’m ready for that early spring the groundhog predicted last week.

I’m planning to break out my favorite winter read aloud soon. When will it be a SNOW DAY? (Snow Day, by Lester Laminack, waits on the shelf, ready to go.)


Slice of Life Tuesday: End of the School Year…Finally…?

Tomorrow is the last school day with students before break. Wow! What a year. I wrapped up with an interesting meeting with my partner teacher and our principal. Yes, it was a long year (thanks to the snow days!). Yes, we are ready for a break. But we are also looking forward to the next school year — an exciting new adventure awaits!

Thank you to all of the students, parents, and colleagues that made this school year one for the books. I appreciate all of you!

A little poem to leave with you:

Forget that we started class before eight. Forget your pencil? No, I won’t wait! Forget the answers on the test? Forget to act your very best?
Forget the author, forget the plot. Forget which book was great, or not. Forget to walk straight in the hall. Forget to pick up the basketball.

But don’t forget the fun we had. (Don’t forget to ask for new IPads!) Don’t forget to help each other; she’s your sister, he’s your brother. Don’t forget to think of me whenever you use the Power of Three.

Don’t forget the lessons you learned, about thinking, dreaming, and how you turned…work into the fabulous grades you earned.

Forget about Ellis Island, Russia’s pogroms, and geography’s many, many miles. But don’t forget —

— I’ll miss your smiles!

This poem was inspired by Kenn Nesbitt’s “What to Remember in School” (from Aliens Have Landed at our School, 2006)


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Day 27: SOLSC Slice of Life Story Challenge

End of the 3rd Quarter!

Today marked the end of the third quarter of the school year AND the beginning of the fourth. Wow! What a year it has been. I am not looking forward to the lo..on…ng 4th quarter because I don’t want to make up all those snow days. But, we move on and look to the future anyway.

Tonight, my grades are done (whoopie!) and tomorrow’s teacher work day will be great. I am going to CLEAN and ORGANIZE and put new books out to read and plan my April Poetry Unit and continue researching my immigration unit. Then I will see my former teammates from coaching — a bonus! We try to get together once or twice a year to gab, laugh, and eat. I cannot wait to see them!

As for tonight, beware of disturbing me! Ha!


Have a great night!


Day 17: SOLSC Slice of Life Story Challenge

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! A Limerick

There once was a girl they called Jen.

Her kids went to school out at Penn.

After driving one day,

she managed to play

twelve “Words With Friends” games, and won ten!


Another disclaimer: No, I do not play “Words With Friends” while driving. Thank you for your concern. LOL