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Slice of Life Tuesday: My Reflections on 2015’s One Little Word

Slice of Life Small LogoOne Little Word. LEAN. My chosen word for 2015. I looked back at my posts about LEAN and found I have almost accomplished my two goals: 1) Lose Weight/Be Healthy and 2) Lean Towards the Future and Live My Dreams. I’m satisfied with my goal choices; I could have done better on both. But it wasn’t a bad year, like the two before. It was a satisfactory year.

Lose Weight/Be Healthy

Overall, I’ve lost 8 pounds since last December. I ate better, more healthy foods, and cut down on junk food, for the most part. I tried to eat salads, chicken, and other healthy meals as much as possible. My goal to exercise more failed, but I’ll work on that.  I do feel like I’m healthier than last year, but stress plays a big part, so I struggle still.

Lean Towards the Future/Live My Dreams

I DID attend the NCTE Annual Conference this year (which I missed last year), as well as the All Write Institute, and I met some awesome people from Twitter chats and blogging in person! Meeting friends was the most important and best part of my year! They are now real, not virtual friends, and my life has changed so much because I met them. I started using more technology outside my classroom, and I’m still hoping to learn more to bring technology inside my classroom in the coming year. I’m living my dreams — I’ve written more and I’m sharing more, so becoming a “true” writer is no longer a dream, but reality.

I’m still thinking about my OLW for 2016. I’ll have to decide soon! (Maybe “decide” should be the word! LOL)

PS: CONGRATULATIONS to the ladies at Two Writing Teachers blog! They won the BEST group blog this year! I’m so happy to be a little part of your awesome world. Thank you for hosting!



Day 30: SOLSC Slice of Life Story Challenge

GRATEFUL for my new friends at SOLSC

G is for the GRAVITATIONAL pull of the SOLSC network. You kept me going. When I fell, I got back up. I kept writing, because my SOLSC pals pulled me towards them.

R is for REVEALING myself to new people, and for REFLECTING on my life as a mom, daughter, teacher, and human being.

A is for APPLE. Just because, “an apple a day keeps the teachers at play.” Right?

T is for TECHNOLOGY that I am learning to use because of this project, and for TIME to do what I’ve always wanted.

E is for EXCITING new stories to tell. I’m also giving a virtual “high-five” to my EXCELLENT SOLSC team of leaders who organize this event every year. Thanks!

F is for FUNDAMENTALS — I will use this writing experience to become a better writer and teacher.

U is for ULTIMATE goals! My goal is to become a published writer, so writing every day gave me the chance to experience my dream!

L is for LEARNING. Oh, that’s the ultimate goal — yes! For me, for my students. My time with this SOLSC project helped me to renew my faith in the learning process.

Thank you everyone at SOLSC! It was nice meeting you all, and sharing stories with you. Keep in touch!


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WFMAD Challenge: Write 15 Minutes a Day — Public Post: Happy Labor Day!

I am using my day off to relax, and to reflect on my opportunity to work as a teacher.  In this day and age, I am lucky to have a job — with days off, no less — and I thank all of those who came before me for fighting for my labor rights.

My right, as a woman, to work in the public arena and gather a decent wage (as small as that wage seems sometimes).

My right, as a teacher, to develop curriculum and assist students in becoming our future leaders.

My right, as a professional, to learn and grow as I see fit.

My right, as a citizen, to read, write, and continue to develop my own ideas and goals.

My right, as a leader in my field, to fight for our continued well-being. Bless all you teachers out there! I’m with ‘ya!

Happy Labor Day!