Slice of Life Story Challenge: Day 4 Oops!


Slice of Life Small LogoOops! I missed a day already! (I think I did that early last year, too.)

Darn sick days. Testing is over, for now, so that’s good news. The bad news? Health issues keeping me down. Doctor said to stay home today, so I’m sitting on the couch, HGTV on TV, dog on my feet, resting. Ugh.

Slice of Life Story Challenge: Day Two’s Slicer Fun!


SliceofLifeSwagMarch2016Slicer Fun!

I got my Slice of Life mug and T-shirt today!

Slice of Life Small Logo

You don’t want to hear about the rest of my day. This is the good part!


Slice of Life March Challenge Day 1! Let’s Begin!


Slice of Life Small LogoLet’s Begin!

March is a month of beginnings. The ISTEP standardized test starts today in our district, the Slice of Life Story Challenge begins, and the March Book Madness reading games begin. There is so much going on, I cannot seem to keep track!

“Let us begin.” I’m not sure who coined the phrase, but I am ready. March marks the time in the school year that I look forward to, for many reasons, but mostly because it’s the time when we finally get to show what we learned all year.  It’s an exciting time of year, and I welcome March with open arms.

Let’s Begin!


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