SOLSC Day 6: Ouch!


I won’t type much today. My left hand swelled this morning from yesterday’s fall. It feels like someone stepped on my hand and stood there on it for an hour.

Oh, well. It’s not broken. All but my ego is intact. I’ll just take it easy now.


SOLSC Day 5: Embarrassing Moment With Jammed Fingers


Slice of Life Small LogoI fell down the hill and bruised my body, and my ego. I have to dump grease outside due to the (stupid!) septic system, so I carried the crock pot to the back door, put my shoes on, and prepared for the trip. Did I say “trip?” Yep, I did.

The liquid started to swish back and forth in the heavy pot, so as I walked out the door, I was trying to be more still, slowing down. What I didn’t think about was that we now have TWO steps down to the backyard, after new concrete was poured last summer. I slowly stepped down on the first step, but tripped on the second, thinking I was on the grass. Did I say “on the grass?” Yep, I did.

My whole body fell face-forward, onto the grass. The crock pot went rolling down the hill. I went down the hill on my chest (guessing the grease and dog poop made it slippery). I screamed and pushed up with my hands — ouch! My fingers must have jammed as the crock pot fell and I hit the ground. I can barely type this! Did I say “I can barely type this?” Yep, but I am anyway.

I took a shower and put my clothes in the washer. (I’m sure they are ruined, but they are just weekend clothes, anyway.) Now I’m off to take a nap. I may not get up again tonight. Oh, yeah. I’m grabbing an ice pack on the way to the bedroom.

Embarrassing! How was your day?

SOLSC Day 4: Book Lists


Slice of Life Small LogoThere are so many book lists on social media! This lazy day was a long, leisurely look into book lists. I am most interested in those lists that may challenge me in the next few months of school. “We Need Diverse Books,” “Unputdownable Books,” “Recommended Picture Books for Older Readers,” and “2017 Releases From Latinx Authors To Add To Your TBR…” all caught my attention.

Now I’m sitting here, staring at my mail from Barnes and Noble and deciding which books to buy with my 25%-off coupons. Tough decisions ahead. It’s the weekend, though. I’ll enjoy it!

What are YOU reading?


SOLSC Day 3: Stay Home and Watch TV


SliceofLifeSwagMarch2016My husband asked me what I wanted to do tonight (we were both home for a change). I looked at the movie listings, but I didn’t find anything intriguing. We were hungry, but we didn’t necessarily want to go out.

I said, “Hey, we have that fish in the freezer. Let’s just make that.”

“Are you sure? We can go out.”

“No, let’s just stay in and watch TV.” (It was already 6:00 — yeah, I’m getting old!)

Netflix it is. I just love this Blue Bloods marathon night at home. Peaceful. Quiet. Needed.


SOLSC: Day 2 — What to do?


Slice of Life Small LogoYep, I’m stuck already. I was at school for 10 hours, and I’m exhausted! Some of my students are writing Slice of Life stories each day, too, as a little group with me. I asked “N” at the end of after school detention today, “I still have to go home and write! What should I write about?” He said, “Write about US! The After School Detention Squad!” I did┬áLOL (Laugh Out Loud)!

I said I’d rather write about a book club than an after-school detention group. He said he’d join that group, too! (Too? NO! Instead of!)

Dinner, chatting, writing…I’m off to bed!

SOLSC ’17: What a Day!


Slice of Life Small LogoIt’s March 1st! It’s time for the Slice of Life Story Challenge! What a day!

Plenty of events today:

  • SOLSC ’17 begins (that’s this — I waited until the last second, but I want to challenge myself again this year. I’ve never been able to write for 31 days in a row.)
  • March Book Madness voting opened today for Round One (Sweet 16 “New Classics”). My class is reading the books in the middle grade bracket. This is a great way to read and talk about books.
  • Scholastic Reading Summit registration begins today, and I will be there! I cannot miss another one of these fabulous days of reading and meeting other readers.
  • All-Write Institute is coming soon. I registered and all I need to do is wait for June. (I have a little waiting to do, I know.)

To all my fellow writing friends, let’s have a great month of writing and sharing! I can’t wait to read all the posts!


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