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SOLSC Day 3: Stay Home and Watch TV

SliceofLifeSwagMarch2016My husband asked me what I wanted to do tonight (we were both home for a change). I looked at the movie listings, but I didn’t find anything intriguing. We were hungry, but we didn’t necessarily want to go out.

I said, “Hey, we have that fish in the freezer. Let’s just make that.”

“Are you sure? We can go out.”

“No, let’s just stay in and watch TV.” (It was already 6:00 — yeah, I’m getting old!)

Netflix it is. I just love this Blue Bloods marathon night at home. Peaceful. Quiet. Needed.



SOLSC: Day 2 — What to do?

Slice of Life Small LogoYep, I’m stuck already. I was at school for 10 hours, and I’m exhausted! Some of my students are writing Slice of Life stories each day, too, as a little group with me. I asked “N” at the end of after school detention today, “I still have to go home and write! What should I write about?” He said, “Write about US! The After School Detention Squad!” I did┬áLOL (Laugh Out Loud)!

I said I’d rather write about a book club than an after-school detention group. He said he’d join that group, too! (Too? NO! Instead of!)

Dinner, chatting, writing…I’m off to bed!