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SOLSC Day 23: Poor Birds!

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Poor Birds!

I left school today depressed because of all the snow on the ground — again! Walking out the front doors, I looked and saw…some really FAT robins, hopping around in the parking lot. Poor birds! They must be so confused!

Poor birds in the snow, freezing

stupid snow again

When will we get back to spring?



Then I thought about something my mom said a long time ago; God will provide. So true! My depression turned to hope. If God can take care of these obviously needy birds, and he provides us a nice, warm home, then what do I have to do? Turn my frown around!

That’s just what I did!



SOLSC Day 7: One Week!

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One Week!

Hey, Slicers! This is Day 7. We have been writing consistently for one week! Great job, everybody!

Well, today, we are all recuperating — and it’s sunny! The snow is melting into large puddles of splashing water; it makes me want to hook up the hose and wash the cars…

and have a garage sale (look at all this junk),

and go swimming (plans for the pool already),

and plan my summer PD traveling events (Boothbay! I’m working on it.).

Come on, spring! Thanks for the glimpse, the preview, the light at the end of the tunnel!