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Slice of Life Tuesday: Room(s) With View(s)

LOL! I really did laugh out loud this week. I was reading Facebook posts of several friends that uploaded pictures from vacation hotspots. Paris, Hawaii, Florida, Colorado, you name it, there was a picture. Then I came across a picture from the comments under one of the photos: it was a front door on a nice brick apartment (or townhome?) building, a simple landscape tree, and a little grass. The person noted something along the lines of, “This is the view from MY front door.”


But I was really excited that day about my front-door view, because we had overgrown and ugly (!) bushes torn out, and new landscaping rocks poured into the space. It made my front door and porch look so much more open and welcoming! I love it!

So as a tribute to vacations, I’ll re-share a few past vacation photos, as we all celebrate summer:



Cocoa Beach bridge to ocean 040113ocean water 040113plane ride 033113











And I will add my current summer vacation view — home:

HOME_view from front door 072914

Have a great summer! It’s almost AUGUST already!




Day 22: SOLSC Slice of Life Story Challenge

Wish You Were Here!

I wish I could have attended the Teachers College Reading and Writing Project’s Saturday Reunion today. I loved reading about the highlights on all the blog posts — another amazing Saturday in New York City! Diane Ravitch was a keynote speaker! This amazing event drew the usual crowd of teachers from around the country! The weather wasn’t too shabby! Smiles to all of you. Thank you for sharing.

I read that some fellow Slicers got to meet each other for the first time in person! How wonderful! Finally getting the chance to truly become personal friends AND share in the learning — the opportunity of a lifetime. I look forward to the next time I will walk with a thousand other people along Broadway, crossing over at 120th ST to Riverside Church, arriving at least 45 minutes early to get a good seat (now there’s a challenge!), and enjoying a fun-filled day of thinking and sharing time with the experts in the field of education.

As for today’s events at home, I have to admit it was a productive, busy, yet relaxing day. The dryer got fixed — yay! I can do laundry! (Note the sarcastic tone.) We did our taxes — yay! (No, really! We needed that done.) My daughter and I went to the mall and brought home dinner — yay! (No, really! It was nice to get out.)  And for tonight’s main event, I watched “Pretty Woman” on TV — yay! (I enjoy viewing my favorite classic movies again and again.)

Bonus! It’s only Saturday and most of my chores are done now; I can enjoy the entire day tomorrow, too!  “Wish You Were Here” — not just a line from a postcard.