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This is NOT a book review of THIS IS NOT A VALENTINE

LOL! Dear Carter, You started my February book-reading time off right. Thank you! Love, Jennifer

This is NOT a Valentine. It’s just a little note that tells readers they will enjoy this lovely picture book, This is NOT a Valentine by Carter Higgins. Carter has taken all the Valentine stereotypes and threw them out the school bus window, and she shows us what Valentine messages really mean.

Valentines sparkle; they’re pink and glittery.
“But you might like the brown in the mud puddle…”
Valentines have cooties that tumble out when you open them.
“But if we both get cooties…then we can have cherry juice…together.”

This is NOT a Valentine. It’s a good book to share with someone in February…or any other month you like.


Slice of Life Tuesday: Valentine’s Day Dream

Slice of Life Small LogoI’m looking out the classroom window; the sun is bright overhead.

My head is spinning in dreams; Dreams take over my day.

Daylight, vitamin D. I need this day to be over!

“Over the river and through the woods…” Wait! It’s not Thanksgiving, but it is a holiday.

Holidays are meant for sharing.   valentineweather2017classroom

I’m sharing Valentine’s love with my family from far away.

Away I go…Ah! Back to class!


Happy Valentine’s Day!


Slice of Life Tuesday: My Valentines

Slice of Life Small LogoIt seems that Valentine’s Day is one of those holidays that one either loves or hates. I love Valentine’s Day because I adore my girls and I want to spend time with them. I went out with my husband (dinner and a movie) and I saw each girl and even got an extra day off from work for President’s Day. HeartTreebyDigitalart

Happy Valentine’s Day!

“Love Tree” image courtesy of digitalart at