Slice of Life Tuesday: Vote!



Slice of Life Small LogoI voted last Saturday. My husband, oldest daughter and I worked out, then decided to walk a block from the gym to the County-City building and do our civic duty on a beautiful November day (rare in Indiana!).

When we left, my daughter stated, “It’s not even 11 am, and I feel like I’ve been so productive today.” Yes, it felt good to be able to vote, to speak up, to contribute to society.

Vote today! Be grateful that you are able to contribute to your society, your country, in this simple way.


Slice of Life Tuesday: November Elections


Since I live in Indiana, Election Day sometimes seems like such a moot point. I was excited yesterday — up BEFORE the crack of dawn (thanks, Indiana time change!) to vote today. Then I see the results, and…


Well, at least I did my part. I am a woman who has the right to take part in the activities of my government and my country. I am proud of my rights, and I remember those who came before me, who fought to do what I have done.

Thank you!