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Slice of Life Story Challenge: Day 3

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My Team

I love my team. Those of you who have heard me before know that I love my team. I love my team in the morning, when we greet each other upon entering the building (rushed and out of breath from shoveling out of our driveways). We plan at 10:30 each day and talk about life at school, curriculum, the next steps for ISTEP preparation, etc. We moan and groan at each other, but we also play songs and dance, like we did today!

I love my team in the afternoon. When we finally get to lunchtime, we call homes, plan again, help students switch books at their lockers, all the things a teacher does besides each lunch! We support each other, and even share food sometimes, when one of us forgot to pack!

I love my team after school. We shoo everyone out the door to their buses, and let out a mass SIGH that class is over for the day. Oh, but we are not done! To the copy machine! To the office to get mail! To the gym to help with the concession stand during basketball season, or to the track to get the kids started on their warm ups (that’s coming soon!)! Busy days never end.

I love my team on the weekends. We read each other’s Facebook posts, we plan, we text each other: “Is your Power School down, too?” or “Another snow day.” We always keep track of each other.

I love my team!