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Day 16: SOLSC Slice of Life Story Challenge


Miss Madilyn is my granddaughter. Eighteen months old going on 16, using her own language with a few “Nos” and “Yes’s” thrown in there to help you to remember she’s a human baby.

(I think she speaks “minion” — learned it from watching the yellow overall-ed creatures from Despicable Me, which are her favorite things.)

What a gal! Funny? No. Hilarious? Most of the time. Cutie pie love bug? Every day!

Example of the day: “Maddy, clean up your toys.”

“K. (Singing) Pick up, pick up, pick up. There.” Immediately throws everything back out on the floor again. Walking around, playing with each toy, talking to each doll.

“Maddy, clean up your toys.”

“No. (Pointing at the floor, then at me, then around the room) Be bacca, babas, me nos a GG, Grandma!”

I don’t know what she said, exactly, but I’m pretty sure it meant that she was not done playing and that I should not bother her with cleaning chores. Ha!

Maddy031614 Maddytoysdolls031614

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Day 9: SOLSC Slice of Life Story Challenge

Red Striped Shirts

One of my dad’s favorite shirts was a red-and-white striped T-shirt that he wore for any casual occasion: weekend wear, golf practice, or going to a ball game. It was one of those “go to” shirts that was washed and worn at least 3-4 times a month, never getting old, never going out of style. ┬áThat X-Large shirt found a tiny, size 4T twin one year. My mom bought a similar tee and gave it to my daughter, who was Grandpa’s girl.

Those two pals, the smiley child and the serious man, arranged to wear their shirts when they saw each other. My daughter took walks with Grandpa, accompanied him to baseball events, and just sat in his chair, donning the coveted shirt and smiling from ear to ear — “Grandpa, we match!”

We found out that those 2 shirts were not in the house anymore, most likely being sold at a garage sale after Little One grew out of the 4T, but we don’t mind. We still have the twins in pictures, and in our minds, forever in red and white — taking a walk down memory lane.

Red Striped Shirts Ash and Gramps